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An Internet of Things Energy Analytics Company for Equipment in Buildings

Industry Challenge: Decrease Building Costs, Increase Cash Flow

30% of Energy is Wasted in Buildings, $60B Spent in U.S. alone – Department of Energy
More than 26% of Waste is due to Inefficient Scheduling and Use of Building and Foodservice Equipment

Ineffective Proposals

Customers do not believe spreadsheet proposals that promise drastic reduction in consumption, accompanied by expensive measurement instruments

Spammed with Similar Offers

Owners receive 5-10 pitches and proposals per week promising energy waste reduction and lower operational costs

Long Sales Cycle

Sales requires costly clipboard experts and takes a long time to close deals, often ending in refusal due to high upfront costs

Disappointing Results

Most energy efficiency solutions fail to deliver the promised cost saving due to a high initial cost of implementation and equipment maintenance

Low Adoption Rate

Only 5% of customers acquire new equipment of energy services after a 12-18 month sales cycle due to the low overall financial result

Lack of Decisive Data

Customers lack adequate data on equipment energy consumption to make an informed decision and take timely actions that result in a lower operational cost

Barriers for Solving Energy Efficiency Problems in Buildings

Vague Bills

Utility Bill Data

Utility bills show how much you are spending at the building level not what is causing excess consumption inside

Lack Data

Equipment Consumption Data

Getting equipment data for energy hogs requires expensive short-term equipment and costly engineers

IoT Complexity

Internet Of Things for Equipment and Buildings

Connecting equipment to sensors and the Internet can be complicated, costly and results in many lost opportunities

Reylabs METER360™ Analytic Kits for Equipment

Discover Connect Track

Energy Consumption of Building and Foodservice Equipment

Discover Energy Hog Equipment in Buildings

Connect Meter360™ Kits to Equipment, Monitor and Collect Energy Consumption Data

Track and Manage Energy Costs While Optimizing Equipment Schedules

Reylabs METER360™ Kits for Equipment

Benefits of Energy Analytic Software and Sensor Packages

Greater Profits

Reducing energy consumption costs results in more cash becoming available for the improvement of customer service and sales.

Raise Property Value

Property owners benefit from increased Net Income from energy savings to older buildings. Most buildings were built decades ago with obsolete, inefficient equipment. The energy savings increase property values substantially.

High IT Efficiency

Our simple energy-efficient, easy to install and use devices replace costly data center equipment and resources.

See Realtime Results

You can’t fix what you cannot see. Visualizing energy consumption patterns in our tablet and big screen dashboards helps identify easy ways to save energy.

Reduce Emissions

Buildings account for 52% of greenhouse gas emissions. A reduction of energy waste results in benefits to our planet as demand for air conditioning, heating and industrial equipment escalates worldwide.

Change Behaviors

Up to 26% of energy waste is attributed to human behavior or scheduling issues. Workers can participate by helping identify ways to reduce energy use in their operation.



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Besides Energy Arts and Science Corporation, which is developing the energy-efficient lighting, and Modula S, which is developing the micro-grids, other companies at ProspectSV working on clean tech for buildings are AutoGrid, Carnot Compression, Juice Box Energy, Rey Labs and Zere Systems.

ReyLabs joined the Tizen Association Partner Program

We are pleased to be part of the Tizen Partner Program. Our distributed analytics platform for the Internet of Things runs across a multitude of Tizen-based devices from wearables to Smart TVs.

Pilot Programs in Silicon Valley

Email for information about our pilot or partner turnkey solutions

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